Our Rates Will Work for You…

Golden Lake Camp is committed to being an affordable option for every family whose children would like to enjoy a quality camping experience. As a result, we keep our regular rates as low as possible (while also giving you the option of paying our slightly-higher “True Cost” rate, since all of our regular rates are partly subsidized by donations).  If you need a payment plan, we offer a layaway option, and, if you require financial assistance beyond all of that, we will work with you to find a rate that will suit your situation. No child is ever turned away for financial reasons.

Our Great Rates

Camp First Camper/ First Week Rate Second Camper/Second Week Rate True Cost Rate
Junior & Intermediate (including OAC) and Senior Youth Camps   $410   $350   $450
Scamper Camp   $260   $220   $285
Youth Outdoor Skills Camp   $545   $465   $570

Financial Assistance

If our rates do not fit into your budget, we offer two helpful possibilities:

1) Our Layaway Plan (which can be combined with either our Regular Rates or our Geared-to-Income Plan) allows you to pay an amount of your choosing in advance, once or twice each month, with the full amount paid off by June 15. To enroll in our Layaway Plan, simply call our registrar, at 1-888-659-CAMP. She will help work out the layaway details with you.

2) Our Geared-to-Income Rates mean that no child who wishes to attend Golden Lake Camp is ever turned down for financial reasons. If our Regular Rates are more than your budget allows, and if our Layaway Plan (above) is not the answer for you, please consider our Geared-to-Income Plan. Many families find themselves on fixed or limited incomes, while others with much higher incomes are now hard-pressed because of our present economy. When finances are limited, we know that “extras” such as summer camp are often the first to go, so we have created a way to help you! Simply click here to complete our online registration form  (or to download a mail-in copy).  Complete the form including the “Geared to Income” section on the back or second page, and submit the form following the directions (or, for a mail-in form, drop it in the mail); do not send us any money at this time. Our registrar will call you when she receives the registration form and discuss your situation, and the two of you will agree on a rate for your child (or children) that you can afford. If you have further questions, just contact our registrar, who will be happy to help you. All inquiries are welcomed, and all financial information is confidential.

Sending Money by E-Transfer


We don’t accept credit cards – sorry! – but we do accept e-mail transfers

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to your on-line banking and look for Payments and Transfers, or something similar. Then select Interac e-Transfers.
  2. Name Golden Lake Camp as the recipient, and registergoldenlake@gmail.com as the email address. Fill in the amount.
  3. When asked for a security question please enter Where is Golden Lake Camp? and as a security response, the word Deacon.
  4. When asked for add a message, type in the name of the child or children you are paying for and the week(s) of camp they are attending. You may pay for multiple children or weeks using one payment.
  5. Verify your information and hit send.
  6. You should receive confirmation from your bank that the transfer has gone through. If you do not, please confirm that it was sent.