10 Questions to Ask Your Camper on the Way Home From Camp

10 questions to ask your camper on the way home:

After an amazing week at camp, it’s likely that your camper will be bursting to the seams with fun stories, great songs, and wishes to return to camp ASAP. When I was a camper, my sister and I would usually fill the entire car ride home to Ottawa with our excited chatter. However, in case your child isn’t quite as talkative, here are a couple of questions to get them started!

1. What was your favourite camp song? Can you sing it for me?

2. What would you be most excited for if you went back next year?

3. What was the best thing about your counsellors?

4. What was your favourite food they served?

5. For junior campers: Did you perform in the talent show? For intermediates: what was the theme for theme night?

6. What did you think about camping out under the stars?

7. What did you learn about God and Jesus?

8. What was the best part of the week?

9. What were some of the fun new games you learned?

10. Do you want to go back next year? We’re hoping that we’ve done our jobs well enough that the answer will be “YES!” If it isn’t, please don’t hesitate to contact us with feedback on how we could have improved the experience; we’re always looking for ways to make every child’s week more memorable!


Eight Reasons Why Being a Camp Counsellor is the Best Job You’ll Ever Have!

Eight Reasons Why Being a Camp Counsellor is the Best Job You’ll Every Have!image1


My name is Amy and this will be my second year as the Program Director for Golden Lake Camp, and my fourth year here in total. I started my GLC journey as a volunteer, and spent 2.5 weeks there my first summer. I could go into lots of details about all the amazing things I experienced, the equally amazing staff and campers I met, the personal and spiritual growth I went through, and the deeper connection with God I fostered, but I don’t think you want to read an essay-length story! In short, by the end of my time volunteering, I had been having so much fun that I didn’t even remember my honorarium until the Executive Director (the one and only, lovely Beth Payson) reminded me the following summer when I had applied for Perm and, subsequently, messed with the budget that year by not cashing my cheque…whoops!

Working at GLC literally (and I don’t use that word lightly) made my life better, and I’ve met some lifelong friends there. The atmosphere and love in this place are infectious, and you truly make noticeable differences in childrens’ lives.

You can have an equally awesome GLC story, and it can start by choosing to volunteer, just like I did! : )

And if you want real-life examples, here’s a list of my favourite things about counselling at GLC!

1.        Your boss will become your friend

2.      You meet people and campers from all over Ontario, which makes for different atmospheres to come together to make one crazy fun place

3.      Everyone, and I mean everyone, is willing to help you out with stuff in any way you can

4.      You will learn how to fix just about anything with duct tape and hot glue

5.      You learn that it’s not money and fancy things that make for a great experience, it’s the people you’re with!

6.      We are a United Church camp, but you can show up with any or no beliefs and find nothing but love and acceptance

7.      We accept all campers to camp!! This is one of my favourite things about our camp, and I think it says so much about the kind of atmosphere we provide. No matter your finances, or walk of life, you can come to GLC to have fun; we will work with you to make it happen. We want to see kids have fun, make friends, find God, and that’s our mission.

8.      There’s no such thing as “strangers”. When I first walked into the staff meeting on my first day of volunteering, people were saying hi to me, and starting conversations with me when I was too shy to start them on my own. I’ll never forget that

Youth Camp

Calling all volunteers!

Every summer Golden Lake Camp is blessed with numerous volunteers.  From counsellors who help out for a few weeks, to adults who come out to support the staff just for 1 day – the program couldn’t happen without so many dedicated, passionate and servant-hearted people.  If you are looking for a way to connect with the camp community and have a really excellent, hilarious time – than apply to volunteer!

Check out the application form here.  To complete the form you MUST download it and complete it using Adobe, Preview or another program. If you complete it in the web browser (Chrome, firefox or explorer) it will NOT save your work.

If you are interested in attending camp as an adult volunteer or helping out in another way than counselling – please email goldenlakecamp@gmail.com.  We’d love to talk with you about getting involved.

Work at Golden Lake this summer!

It’s time to apply for camp!  Applications for perm staff (staff who are committed to being at camp for the entire summer) are now being accepted.  We are looking for energetic and fun, caring and servant-hearted staff for the kitchen, pool, waterfront, outdoor adventure camp, counselling and so many more!  Check out the work at camp page for more information, to read the job descriptions and to apply!  Working at camp is one of the most memorable things you can do!


Calling All Camp Supporters!

Supporters meetingGolden Lake Camp has always depended on a committed group of volunteers, including board members and camp supporters.  Every year the camp supporters meet to elect the board and learn all about the work of the camp. Anyone who is interested in the work of GLC can attend and if you contribute a $5 donation, you can vote.

It would be great to see you there!

When:  Saturday January 30th, 9:30 am

Where:  Golden Lake Camp – 54 McNee Drive Deacon

Questions? Email goldenlakecamp@gmail.com

Help make affordable camp happen

Golden Lake Camp has always depended on the generosity of individuals, groups and churches to help provide quality camping at a discounted rate so that children and youth can experience camp regardless of their financial situation.

After another amazing summer with over 450 campers, we again are looking for more supporters to get involved.  Would you be willing to join our team of dedicated donors? Would you be interested in planning a fundraiser?  Would you like more information?

Check out our Fall Fundraising Flyer for more details and get in touch with Beth if you have any questions at all.  You can donate here.

Getting ready for camp? Check out what to pack!

Are you getting packed, ready and excited to come to camp!  Camp is going so well and the staff are having a blast preparing and planning and playing.  If you are looking for what to pack and when to arrive – as well as other important information – you can find it all here!

If you have any questions – email goldenlakecamp@gmail.com!



Family Camp Weekend 2015 – Aug 1 – 3

Camping trips with the family are one of the most amazing things you can do in a summer.  Family camp allows you to camp with your family AND other families who also want to spend some holiday time in the beauty of camp, with amazing programs provided by quality staff, food cooked by qualified and tireless cooks and DSCN2675spiritual nourishment through guest speakers and engaging discussion groups.  This summer Golden Lake is introducing a weekend format for Family Camp in hopes that the decreased cost and time commitment will allow more families to connect and celebrate all of benefits of summer camp together.  Check out the page, brochure and contact Erica with any questions. We hope to see you this summer!


Leadership Development Camp accepting applicants

Developing leadership skills? Enjoying camp? Making new friends?  Being challenged personally?  Sounds incredible! If you are between the ages of 16 and 18 and want to make some life-long friends while having the time of your life than apply for Golden Lake Camp’s Leadership Development Program!

2 weeks of leadership training, spiritual discovery, fun camp programming and a 3-day canoe trip in Algonquin Park – with the option of volunteer placements at the camp throughout the summer!  Check out the Leadership Development Camp page for more information and to apply.


2014 LDC’ers about to head into Algonquin!


Camper Subsidy Campaign Time!

snowy cabin

There’s a lot that is amazing about Golden Lake Camp – what we can do with duct tape and sponges, the beauty of the lake and the fun of the tire swing and 4-square. But one of the most wonderful parts of Golden Lake is our commitment to subsidizing campers – any camper who needs it – without complicated paperwork or application-processes.We talk with parents and carers and find a rate that works.Perm Staff 2014

Thankfully, there is a dedicated group of donors and volunteers who support the camp and make this possible.  This year – we’re inviting you to be part of that group! Check out our Camper Subsidy Fund and help us create fun, memorable experiences for campers in 2015!

winter tire swing9509745482_b3a6029db8_b

Building Up Camp through Bonding and Bonfires! Reunion and Work Bee!


Work Bee Poster

We’re needing help to build a low-ropes challenge course and clean up the site so the camp is hosting a weekend of celebration and work. From Friday September 27th to Sunday September 29th the camp is going to be full of fun people working hard, playing together, having some worship fun and building bonfires to get the site cleaned up!

Contact Beth Payson – beth@goldenlakecamp.ca for more information or to book a space!

Children’s Camps are about to begin!

Perm Staff 2014The site is ready – the staff are trained – the leadership campers are back from their adventure in Algonquin Park – it’s time for camp to start! We’re super excited for the junior main site, and intermediate outdoor adventure land camps to start tomorrow – this is what we’ve all been waiting for! There’s still room in mainsite camps for the rest of the summer – come and be a part of the most fun you can have this summer!

Summer is almost here and you can still get involved!

Camp is coming up really soon and we’re still looking for volunteers – especially early in July.  There are also still spaces in our main-site camp programs (outdoor adventure camp programs are full.)

We’re also exploring new ways to help connect people with different area9626640354_7de8ed6f09_bs of the camp that they can help out with. We’re looking for people with specific skills – are you an electrician? Do you like to garden? Are you skilled in repairing canoes? Do you have ideas about how the camp could be improved? Beth is going to be spending lots of time this summer connecting with people and finding awesome new ways to keep the camp going strong! Contact her for more information.

Hope to see you at camp this summer!

Work Bee May 24th!

Work bee ad 2014A chance to come to camp, help get it ready, enjoy the excellent company and beautiful site? Sounds fantastic!!  On Saturday May 24th – we will be cleaning, fixing, painting and getting the camp ready for the summer and we’d love for you to join us! We’ll be starting at 9 am on Saturday – bring a bagged lunch and stay as long as you can. If you want to come up Friday night and stay on site get in touch with Beth – beth@goldenlakecamp.ca.

Apply to be a Counsellor-in-Training (14-15 yr olds)

We are really excited to announce that Jennifer McCalister is the head counsellor for 2014 and will be coordinating the CITs.  Check out the CIT page for more information and the application form.  CIT is an amazing way to have an excellent week at camp, gain skills and start preparing for the day you become a volunteer or staff member at Golden Lake Camp. 2013 CITs

Looking for volunteers

Every summer at Golden Lake over 50 awesome volunteers share their time, creativity and resources to help create an incredible summer for over 400 campers! We’re looking for people right now. If you are 17 years old or over and want to spend 1 week, 2 weeks – maybe more – counselling, helping in the kitchen, with maintenance – there’s lots of ways to help, check out Volunteer at Golden Lake for more information and to apply.

Getting ready for summer 2014!

It might only be February, and the snow is flying – but we’re getting prepared and excited for the summer! Camp is only 148 days away! If you want to have an amazing summer – check out the summer schedule and think about registering for camp – OR, if you are 17 or older and need a wonderful opportunity to serve this summer – check out the perm staff application form – we’re looking for amazing people to work at camp all summer!

2013 Camp Merchandise for Sale!

The new staff clothing is ready to be ordered! If you’d like to order something, email beth@goldenlakecamp.ca with your order!

Check out these awesome items!

Baseball tee: $20

Tank Top: $15

Pullover Hoodie: $50

Zip-Up Hoodie: $50

Cap: $10

Sweatpants: $30

July 22nd Camp Update


So camp is well underway! Week 3 already – seems impossible that 2 full weeks of children’s camps are done.  Junior 1, Intermediate Outdoor Adventure Camp 1, Intermediate 1 and Junior Outdoor Adventure Camp 1 have all taken place and were amazing! Now we’re having a blast with a full Junior 2 camp on main site and the exciting NEW Youth Outdoor Skills Camp at our outdoor camp site.  16 youth campers hanging out for the week, developing their outdoor skills and getting ready for their canoe trip into Algonquin on the weekend!

Have you just returned from camp? Hopefully you got a camper survey when you checked out – but if you want, you can fill it in here: Camper Survey  We’d love to hear how the camp experience went and what we can do to make camp even better!

Keep checking the website as we’re getting ready to add new pictures from this summer. And there are still spaces in Intermediate 2 and Youth camp!